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Hosted Server

Infusion Hosting provides a VPS (Virtual Private Server) stored on a fully managed multi-tenanted virtual environment.

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Customers have the ability to run Infusion Desktop from our virtual private server array via a Remote Desktop Connection.   The software will run as if locally on your own computer but is executed and stored in the cloud. Data is backed up and a copy is stored offsite on a daily basis.

Disk space allowance is 5GB. Additional space is available at $20 + GST / month / 10GB.

We recommend the use of network printers rather than locally installed printers. Printers must be supported for Windows Server 2016.

Our recommended Internet connection is at least VDSL - ideally fibre although a good ADSL plan (30Mbps download / 3Mbps upload) will suffice. 

For hosted server setup and user pricing please see - Hosted Server pricing

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